Mvaspike is a general purpose tool aimed at modeling and simulating large, complex networks of biological neural networks. It is based on an event-based modeling and simulation strategy, targetting mainly pulse-coupled, spiking neural networks (e.g. integrate-and-fire neurons, other spiking point neurons). We aimed at achieving a good balance between simulation efficiency and modeling freedom (complexity of models, extensibility, integration with other tools...).
Main features:
  • Networks:
    • Delayed connections
    • Populations of neurons
    • Modular or hierarchical modeling strategy (borrowed from the DEVS formalism)
  • Neurons:
    • Integrate-and-fire with STDP
    • Stochastic neurons (work in progress)
    • Phase-coded neurons
  • Simulation:
    • Event-driven
  • Integration:
    • Python bindings
    • Standard file formats (e.g. XML and hdf5, work in progress)


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Project Summary



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